Why Buy An SD Tech Franchise

The advantages of a 1Team approach

As noted, an SD Tech franchise can be owned and operated by a motivated individual; support staff are managed by the centralized 1Team. Depending on the goals you set for your franchise, you’ll be able to continue outsourcing support—or build a team to take care of your clients. Either way, we encourage you always to be on the lookout for friendly, helpful folks who have an appreciation for teamwork and tech.

quit within the first 45 days

In addition, SD Tech handles:

  • Employee training, which has been estimated for technology companies at between $8000 and $10,000 per year. This is substantial, especially considering that, according to the Human Capital Institute, 20% of U.S. employees quit within the first 45 days.

  • Hardware and software expenditures. 1Team purchasing enables significant cost-savings and the ability to negotiate from a position of strength with our vendors.

  • Employee benefits, including sick leave, vacation time and worker’s compensation are outsourced, providing you with the focus necessary to build your customer base.

Why 1Team Works for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses


Single Point Of Contact

SD Tech assists in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues that can undermine your profitability and your reputation. Our experience working directly with Internet Service Providers helps us expedite the fix for your issue, making sure your customers get the great service they expect.



Your business benefits by having highly trained IT staff always available. Most small to mid-sized businesses have difficulty paying an in-house IT manager a competitive wage, and one individual often is unable to stay fully updated on the latest technologies. Keeping up means consistent, ongoing investment in technical training. Our staff is continually learning, sharing, and building organizational knowledge, attuned to the latest changes.

Together, we’re able to solve problems in a way that addresses the root cause(s); very often, this is the only way to prevent a recurrence. 

 Expertise is cultivated by experience, and ours can enable your business to benefit from the best trained IT staff available anywhere.



What happens if your server crashes in the middle of the quarterly Zoom confab? SD Tech has a team of highly trained professionals ready to make sure you’re covered seven days a week, 365 days a year. Business owners can’t afford to worry about IT functionality during weekends, holidays, illnesses, even pandemics. With ready access to a live technician, you have peace of mind, knowing that an expert is a call away.


Business Consulting

 We don’t just fix your system when it breaks. We’re strategic partners, leveraging technology to help make your business more successful. When you work with SD Tech as your Managed Service Provider, you not only get IT experts; you get business consultants, whose mission is to align your technology with your business strategy.